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Canine Connection Dog Training Instructor Bios

Our instructors are committed to helping you strengthen your relationship with your dog in a fun and supportive environment. We continue our education in dog behavior and training at every opportunity.

Jennifer Bridwell, CnTPM, owner of Canine Connection, has spent over 20 years working with dogs professionally as a trainer, veterinary technician, groomer, Flower Essence Practicioner and certified Trigger Point Myotherapist/Photon Light Therapist. While doing undergrad work to get into vet school, she started training 1 of her Collies for obedience trials, fell in love with training and never looked back. She has shared her life with many diverse breeds and competes in breed and obedience to the UDX level with Collies and Pugs.

Amanda Wendt started out with us as a student with one of her rescue dogs. Her dog had been through several homes and was unadoptable beacuse of his fear-based aggression  and lack of manners. With gentle persistence and patience, Amanda was able to turn him around and give him a forever home. Her innate ability to be empathetic and kind without being permissive made her a pefect fit for Canine Connection. Along with her practical knowledge of dogs and continuing education, Amanda completed an apprenticeship at The Canine Connection.

Chris List started out at The Canine Connection as a student with 1 of her German Shepherd Dogs. When we spotted her natural ability to read and understand dogs, along with her commitment level, we recruited her for a position with us. After much study and completing an apprenticeship, Chris teaches many of the Family Manners classes. With 5 dogs in her house, including 3 German Shepherds, and 2 tiny mixed breeds, Chris is the current title holder of "the dog lady" at Canine Connection.


Scholarship opportunities sometimes available- call or email for more info.