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Private Lessons are available for solving behavior problems, fine-tuning competition performances or teaching basic obedience in your home or at The Canine Connection. Private lessons in your home (up to 1.5 hours) are $100 if purchased individually or $275/3 within 10 miles of Canine Connection. Please email or call for a quote beyond the area. Lessons at our facility are $85 each or $245/3.

Trigger Point Myotherapy, TTouch, Massage and Photon Light Therapy are available for dogs that are recovering from injuries, have gait abnormalities or deserve pampering with a feel-good wellness treat. Therapy sessions are $45 per session  (45 minutes) at Canine Connection or $60 in your home within 10 miles of Canine Connection. Please email or call for a quote outside the area.

Flower essence remedies are a safe and natural way to support emotional health and can be custom-blended for your dog's individual personality issues, fears or problems. Consultation for choosing a formula is $25 (included at no extra charge with private lessons, if desired). 2oz bottle of custom-blended remedy is $10.

Dear Jen, I can't say enough about the change in Hooper since we started the flower essences! He is able to spend time in and out of his cage for good pds. of time without calling and crying. He is beginning to play a bit with his toys( mostly with the paper tags but this is progress!) I am very pleased with the results so far and hope that he continues to improve. Thanks for your help and I will keep you posted!

follow up:

Dear Jen, Please feel free to use any part of my note on your website. I only hope it will help others as much as it has helped us. Just today I was thinking of the changes in Hooper and how much happier he is. Again, thanks for all your help!  I will stay in touch [especially to reorder]  marsha


Dear Jennifer:
We wanted you to know how much our dog, Kirby, has improved since we started giving him the flower drops you suggested.  As you know, we got Kirby from the animal shelter and he was extremely aggressive toward us and our other dog.  Since we started giving him the flower drops approximately a month ago, there has been a tremendous change in him.  He no longer bites or growls at us and does not bother  our other dog so much.  He is much easier to control and he seems much more at ease and relaxed.  Thank you again for your suggestion about the drops, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to keep Kriby.

Donna & Susan